Home Maintenance Tips

Tips To Help Prevent Water Damage

Homeowners always need to be on top of home maintenance to ensure that they prevent unexpected disasters. They can do many things to curb these major water damage problems by catching these problems before they start and making sure that these incidences do not occur again in the future. For many homes, especially older ones, the most common cause of damage is water. Water damage can be quite devastating if allowed to get out of hand, or it goes undetected for some time. This type of damage is not like other kinds because it can occur deep inside the home’s foundation and many hard to get to places that can lead to mold and rot.

The Washing MachineLeaking Washing Machine

A home’s clothing washing machine is generally connected to both the hot and cold water lines. Make sure that you check both lines out to ensure that they are not leaking. Check the hoses, and both water line ends; this means you should move your washer away from the wall. Begin with the joints. If you find a leak, repair it with either duct tape or special glue. If you feel the leak is beyond your capability to correct, bring in water damage clean up experts to fix the problem.

Replace Filters

Remember to clean out or replace your washer’s filters at least every three months. Filters that are not cleaned out tend to slow down the washing machine’s outflow. This can lead to malfunctions in the washer and increase how much you pay for your water. If you’ve got hard water, you may want to check them more often. Look for leaks around the shutoff valve when the washer is not running. Replace the valve if you see a leak.

Appliance Water Hoses

For the majority of appliances, problems often begin in the hose. It’s essential that you have about four inches between the back of the washer and the water connection, which allows the hose some space. Not doing so, will cause kinks and possibly burst later on. If hoses look worn, replace them. To save money over time, consider purchasing steel braided hoses. However, ordinary and most commonly used hoses will need to be replaced once or twice a year, no matter how they look.


The ventilation hose that your dryer is connected to needs to be replaced every two years. Be sure to check it thoroughly and often to ensure that there are no holes/tears. Remember that this ventilation hose but connect to the outside world. For this reason, animals/insects can chew on it, causing you problems down the road. Ensure that the vent pipe isn’t clogged by looking for lint behind and under the dryer. Clean out the lint trap after each dryer load so that the appliance does not overheat, since heat can cause the hoses stress.

The Kitchen and Utility Sink

If you’re suffering water damage, look at the utility sink. Be sure to look underneath it and behind it. If you find puddles of water or water discoloration, you may have a leak. If you see sunken boards, that’s an indication of a past leak. Any drips into the sink’s trap means you have immediate problems and need to be repaired at once. If your pipes are draining slowly, you may have a somewhat blocked drain; you need to hire professional help to take care of this immediately.

Clogged Drains

An excellent way to get rid of clogs is to use household cleaners such as Drain-O. However, should this fail, you should never try to fix it yourself. Dripping faucets and cracked/loose sink seals should be replaced immediately. If you notice damp and/or stained walls around plumbing pipes, this is a strong indication of an internal leak. You should fix this immediately before further damage.

Aluminum Roofing is Cost Effective

Everything You Need To Know

Despite common misconceptions, aluminum roofing is not aluminum foil. Aluminum is cost-effective, light, good for the environment, and retains heat well. Because aluminum is so readily available, manufacturing costs are low. It is also very versatile due to its flexibility, and last minute changes are easy to make. Because of its light weight and flexibility, aluminum is also far easier to install than other roofing materials, cutting down on installation time and cost. Aluminum roofing lasts for an average of fifty years, although the aluminum roof on the Chief Secretary’s Office in Sydney AU installed in 1880 is still standing!

Going Green

With the current threat of global warming and dangers to the environment, going green has never been more urgent. Using
aluminum roofing is a great way to help out the environment because it is recyclable, and is often made from recycled metal. Aluminum doesn’t release harmful toxins into the air and doesn’t pollute rainwater. Here’s another plus, aluminum roofing can also be painted and come in a broad range of colors.

Calming Roof Rage

Some roofs have to withstand more than others. In some places in the world, a roof must be able to withstand acid rain, salt water from the coast, or heavy rainfall. If a roof isn’t up to the task, it may corrode, grow moldy, or become leaky. Aluminum roofing is well up to the challenge of withstanding harsh weather conditions. Aluminum is not only mold-resistant, but it also doesn’t rust or deteriorate nearly as fast as other roofing materials like asphalt. Even after many years of wear and tear with that latest technology an aluminum roof can undergo metal roofing repair at half the cost of replacement.

Have Your Roof Professionally Installed

Although steel and other metal roofing might cost less than aluminum, they aren’t as durable or reliable as
aluminum roofing. Paying slightly more for a roof now will save you money on costly repairs in the future. You’ll need to hire a metal roofing contractor to make any repairs unless you are experienced in roof repair yourself. A roof made from the best material in the world is useless if it is incorrectly installed.  If you’re looking to hire a roofing contractor, you could look into getting a bank loan to finance home imp[rovements. You should get a detailed estimate from the contractor to show the bank, and also make sure you look into tax laws in case you qualify for a tax break.